Cryptic Resonations – A Manifesto

Cryptic Resonations – A Manifesto

As far as publishing and media coverage of the arts is concerned, for too long there have been far too many outlets, both online and offline, that only give attention to the more popular, commercialized, and socially acceptable art forms. Concerned more with ratings and the number of people who have their company’s name coming out of their mouths, they choose to focus on bands that have already been discussed to death a thousand times over, films that employ easily accessible, cliched plot lines and genre tropes, and similar food that can be easily fed to a mass consumer audience without too much resistance. Cryptic Resonations refuses to fall into this game of focusing on the attention something receives from the masses over the actual quality of the work in question.


The time for a radical shift in art coverage has arrived. The purpose of Cryptic Resonations is simple enough. This blog seeks to explore and shed light on the more obscure, experimental, and socially stigmatized forms of art. Here the belief is held that one is not¬†truly¬†being an “artist” unless one is being daring enough to charge into the unknown and explore things that have not yet been done before. Art does not do what everyone else at the moment is doing. Art does not erect walls or proclaim that any topic is off limits for exploration, commentary, what have you. Art shatters borders and does whatever it pleases in its aim to advance human perspective and intellectual ability through creative replications of the subconscious.


Some may find some of the above sentences to be incredibly elitist or pretentious. And I would ask such people to stop and consider the nature of art’s history, and how the large majority of artists who are today regarded as serious innovators and revolutionaries in their fields were often mocked, criticized, and received little recognition at all during their actual lifetimes. It was not until after their deaths that people came to have a greater appreciation for their daring, precedent-setting work. The point to be made here is that true artistic innovation is not often welcomed at the time that it is taking place due to how perplexing and chaotic it typically appears to many people. But this is the prime interest of the Cryptic Resonations blog: to find such innovation in various art forms, music, film, literature, the visual arts, and otherwise, and to shed light on them. This is not for the purpose of bringing fame and fortune to any of the crafters of such art, or to have their careers explode into exponential success, but rather to show that there is a veiled world of artistic radicalism bubbling under the thick layer of everyday, mainstream artistry, and to peel back the veil that lies over it.


The name of the blog itself encapsulates its vision. “Cryptic” implies something hidden, unseen, and unknown to the general population, which is exactly what the type of art that will be receiving attention here is. A “resonation” is like an echo, the amplification or continued sustaining of an initially generated sound. With this definition in consideration, a musical connotation may come to mind, but a resonation does not merely have to be musical, as it can be caused by anything that generates a sort of ensnaring, otherworldly type of pulsation that draws you closer to it. Experimental, transgressive forms of art, musical or not, tend to do just that.


In all likelihood, publications on Cryptic Resonations will be mostly music-related, as I have a prior background in music writing and am quite intimately involved in several aspects of the international music scene. However, no boundaries or limitations shall be drawn and all possibilities relating to creative, hidden, and socially taboo manifestations of art will remain open. Reviews of albums, films, books, and visual art are on the table. Interviews with bands, filmmakers, and authors are on the table. Personal thoughts and observations from yours truly in related areas are on the table. No guidelines or directions shall be too firmly established from the outset. As these artists of focus charge boldly into uncharted territory, going whichever way their inner drive leads them, so too shall Cryptic Resonations.

-July 2017.

Ravana, your host here at Cryptic Resonations, is an avid fan of experimentalism in any and all art forms, residing somewhere deep in the swamps of Southern Florida. He particularly enjoys black metal, drone, surrealist film, and transcendentalist poetry, and is also a Staffer over at








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